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Frequently Asked Questions - Click on the "Plan Your Event" tab for more helpful hints!

Q. What geographical areas does Dover Tents & Events serve?
A. We serve the entire Delmarva Peninsula (Delaware & Eastern Shore Maryland), Pennsylvania and into New Jersey! With sister companies located in Avondale, PA & Mechanicsburg, PA - we are set up to conveniently service the tri-state area and more! Call us for information on delivery fee to your area!
Q. How do I know what size tent I will need?
A. With decades of experience, our tent rental team will customize your tent size based on the square footage calculation for the inventory (tables,chairs, dance floor, stage, etc.) you would like underneath of your tent. Based on our calculation, we are able to suggest the best tent size to comfortably house your event! We can even provide a custom CAD design showing your tent along with all of the inventory underneath! Additional considerations when thinking about a tented event: -What surface will your tent be on? i.e Grass, Concrete, Asphalt, Sand, Wooden deck, etc. Can we stake into the ground? -A rough idea of the space or dimensions of the tented area (We can schedule a Site Visit to accurately measure at a later time) -About how many guests are you expecting? This helps us calculate the square footage you will need to accommodate guest seating under the tent. -What other items have you thought of having under the tent? i.e. Dance Floor, Buffet, Bar, Head Table, Photo Booth, Stage for Band, etc. Things like this all factor into the square footage calculation we use to determine the tent size needed for your event.
Q. How does Dover Tents & Events keep their tents clean?
A. Being one of the few companies in Mid Atlantic region with a commercial tent washer, we are able to keep our tents in pristine wedding condition! The first step of our cleaning process involves hand washing the tent top, followed by using our commercial washer, and finally using our unique pulley system to hoist the tents in the air to dry properly.
Q. How do I reserve my rental price quote?
A. To Reserve your rental quote, we ask for a signed copy of your contract returned via fax or email, a 1/3 down payment of the total rental cost, as well as a security deposit that is refunded upon return of the rental items. Reference your price quote for exact down payment terms based on the total price.
Q. How far in advance should I lock in my reservation?
A. It is always ideal to plan a few months in advance for smaller table/chair/linen rentals; but to guarantee the inventory you need and want is available for larger tented events or weddings - we suggest booking at least 8-12 months in advance. Because of our geographical area, we are particularly busy during the months of May/June and September/October - due to those months providing the most ideal "outdoor event weather". If your event is during our peak months, we recommend reserving your order as soon as you establish your event date and have a general idea of what you will need. Once you reserve a rental order, you are still able to make adjustments as needed, based on our inventory availability. For example, you aren't penalized for changing your mind on your chair style or linen color, even your tent size or style! We understand the event planning process is just that, a process! And decisions are bound to adjust!
Q. Can I make changes to my contract once it is reserved?
A. Yes! You may make changes to your reservation up to 8 days prior to your event (some exceptions apply). Most contracts are adjusted once clients receive their RSVPs and have finalized guest counts. Our sales representatives will help guide you through all those fine-tune details! ~Items rented based on pending weather such as sidewalls for your tent, tent heaters, fans, etc. may be adjusted the week of your event (generally 24 to 48 hrs prior to scheduled delivery) with no cancellation fee (some exceptions may apply!)
Q. Am I charged a rental fee per day?
A. You are only charged per event/day(s) of use. For a Saturday event, we typically deliver Wednesday, Thursday or Friday during business hours. Then we would pick up Monday or Tuesday. So you would have the inventory in-hand all weekend, but only incur a one-day rental fee! ~Orders that are picked up in store follow similar guidelines - based on a Saturday or Sunday event, you would pick up in store on Friday and return on Monday.