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Event & Catering Equipment

Heating and cooling, catering equipment and more!
Cotton Candy Machine
Supplies sold separately
Popcorn Popper
Supplies sold separately.
Snow Cone Machine
Supplies sold separately.
Gas Camp Burner 170K BTU
Carving Station w/ Board & Heat Lamp
Includes: Drip pan, cutting board, lamp unit, and carrying box for lamp unit.
Field Range/Stove, 6-Burner
Deep Fryer
Gas Griddle
Gas or Charcoal Grills
The gas grill is 16" x 48"
The charcoal grill is 2' x 5'
Convection Oven
Sheet Pan Rack
20 tier "Speed Rack". Sheet pans (18"x26") are available but not included with Sheet Pan Rack rental.
Warming Oven
Heated using sterno burners. Trays (18"x26") are available but not included with Warming Oven rental.


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