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If you have the cocktail, we have the glass! We have glasses for any drink from Margarita to French Champagne, and everything in between!
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Copper Moscow Mule Mug
Loving our new 16 oz Hammered Copper Mugs! Great for Moscow Mules, YUM!!!
Dusty Blue Goblet
Water Goblet 11 oz.
Our Universal Goblets are great for setting water on your guest tables, and can also double as a mixed drink glass at the bar!
Universal Wine Glass 11oz.
Universal 11 oz Wine Glasses are the perfect size for either white or red wine! Go easy on your bartender and rent the universal glass for your entire wine menu!
16 oz Tall Wine Glass
Our new, stemmed, larger Riedel style wine glasses are great for table service wine or higher end wine service! Good for red or white.
Red Wine 14 oz.
This 14oz wine glass will satisfy your red wine connoisseur! also great for sangria!
Wine Tasting 6.5 oz.
These 6.5 oz wine glasses are great for sampling wine during your cocktail hour!
Stemless Wine/Universal Glass 17oz
Great to use for everything from water on the tables, to wine, cocktails, or a signature drink!
Rocks Glass 6 oz.
Grey Goose on the rocks with a twist of lemon anyone??? If so, this is your glass!
Margarita Glass 9 oz.
Throwing a summertime beach bash? Get your guests in a tropical mood with margaritas!
Sour Glass 4 oz.
Mason Jar 16 oz.
Mason Jars are suitable for any beverage from water set on your tables to beer or your signature drink! But a unique spin on your affair with our New Mason Jars!
Hi-Ball 9 oz.
French Champagne
Irish Coffee Mug
Great to use for coffee stations instead of cup/saucer combo!
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