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Tent Lighting, Overhead Lighting & Fabric Draping

Browse through our extensive options for tent lighting, outdoor overhead lighting and fabric draping options for your tent ceiling, side poles & center poles!
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Overhead Outdoor Lighting with Uprights
Shown here with white string lighting. This lighting option is perfect for supplementing your tent lighting and creating a romantic glow over a cocktail or lounge area! (Tuscan lighting can also be used, in place of White String lighting)
Overhead Outdoor Lighting with Uprights
Seen here with our white string lighting. (Credit: Joshua M. Freeman Foundation "White Party")
Overhead Indoor Lighting with Uprights
Shown here with Tuscan lighting. Indoor overhead lighting can create a cozy, intimate feeling in a large space! (White string lighting can also be used, in place of Tuscan lighting)
Outdoor Overhead String Lights with Paper Lanterns
Perimeter Lighting
Basic lighting option for any tent size, casts a soft even light throughout your tent.
Tuscan Style Bistro Tent Lighting
Suspended Edison style bulb string lights, providing a great look for any tented event! This lighting option can be installed in any tent size! (Also available in White Cord!)
Tuscan Style Bistro Lighting
Photo by Katherine Elizabeth Photography
Paper Lanterns with White Tuscan Bistro Lights
Our Tuscan Bistro Lighting shown in White along with Paper Lanterns!!
Swag Lighting
Beautiful twinkle lighting draping the curves of the tent top, looks elegant in any tent size!
Swagged Twinkle Lighting
Shown in our Clear Top Tent!
Swag Lighting
Shown in our 60x100 Pole Tent!
Paper Lanterns
Paper Lanterns come in hundreds of color options; they provide functional lighting plus decor for the tent top. Lanterns can be strung throughout your tent or clustered over your dance floor to create a focal point!
Paper Lanterns
Up-lighting casts light upon the tent top, great for bringing in color accents. The lighting can be done in just about any color! Up-lighting is also often done in ballrooms and event spaces by sitting the lights around the perimeter of the room and casting the colored light up the wall and onto the ceiling, again, great for color accents!
Side Pole Drapes
Side Pole Drapes are great to soften up the look of the tent.
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